Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anger and Frustration

Trying to generate ideas is both frustrating and annoying. I'm currently working on a script I'm writing. It's a fantasy adventure film, somewhere in the vein of Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliet set in a Victorian type steam-powered setting (as envisioned by Jules Verne). Yeah it sounds crazy but I genuinely love the core concept of the film.

While I've already written an entire draft of the script already, I was fairly dissatisfied with certain elements of the plot, so I've decided to change them. One thing I've decided to do is simplify the film, make it more in keeping with my original concept for writing the thing in the first place.

One of the tiny things I'm trying to do right now before I can plunge into a new draft is to not only develop a new outline, but one of the things I'm trying to come up with is the perfect name for a magical race that lives in the sky. While in the first draft I simply called them the Sky Dwellers, I found that a bit impersonal and I really want the race of beings to have a snazzy name, cause one of the two leads hails from this race and its crucial to the story. Right now I've hit a road block, and for the current moment I'm tentatively calling these guys Nymphs, like the ancient characters from mythology, even though this race has nothing to do with those kind of Nymphs. Still I do not want to continue calling them Nymphs, I want an original name.

I'm sure I will eventually come up with something but it is frustrating. Writing a feature is far more tedious than writing a short, I never really knew till now. While I had always attempted to write other feature length scripts before, I never got really far, always quitting about halfway through the first draft. This time I've gotten far father than I ever have. I feel I have so much invested in this project I simply can't let it go, but at the same time there are just so many factors I need to figure out in order to restructure my film and commence the first rewrite. It kinda makes ya wanna pull you're hair out, but I'm a far way away from resorting to such drastic measures. Anyways, I'll go back to writing now.

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