Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is There Any Justice Left?

Taking a moment away from my series of Harry Potter retrospectives, I have to share some very disturbing news I discovered this morning. The role of the Green Lantern has been cast in the first ever live action Green Lantern film. For those who don't know, Green Lantern is a DC Comics superhero, and is one of my personal favorites from my childhood. Well Warner Bros. is making a movie based off the comic, being directed by Martin Campbell, the man behind Casino Royale. Doesn't sound too bad right there, but it gets worse, Ryan Reynolds was cast in the role of the intergalactic policeman.

Why? Has Warner Bros. and Campbell lost their minds. Reynolds is so far away from the true essence of who Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is. Reynolds is a fairly charismatic actor, good when given the right material, but he has never played a role that needs the poignancy and overall confidence of Hal. He's too cocky in all the things I've ever seen him in, Hal is more of an intergalactic boy scout who fights for justice and doesn't boast about it. I'm afraid that the film will wind up with a smart elic as Green Lantern, and that isn't the character. Green Lantern is a character more along the lines of Superman and less along the lines of someone like Iron Man, which based off this casting it seems like that's what they're going for and this just leaves me in an utter state of confusion. Of course it could have been worse, one of the people reportedly up for the part just a few days ago was Justin Timberlake, which I would personally take Reynolds over him any day of the week, but the other guy being considered was Bradley Cooper from the Hangover, which is an actor that I think represents the essence of the character far better than Reynolds. Still, what can I do.

As of now all I can do is sit and wait. Perhaps Reynolds will surprise me. I'll try to go in with an open mind, but right now I'm wrapped in fear that one of my favorite childhood heroes is being destroyed and morphed into a cheesy laughing stock. Only time will tell.

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