Friday, July 10, 2009

John Williams meets Disney

Taking a slight break from all the Harry Potter mania, I feel compelled to share with you all a video that I found on the internet the other day. I found the video to be quite hilarious and I think others will as well.

Its a video using excerpts from the Disney animated classic The Lion King to music composed by the great John Williams from the equally as classic Jurassic Park. While this may sound like a horrid disaster in the making, it actually works quite well and fits. It's a video that is funny and oddly beautiful at the same time. It's well edited for the most part and I think for simple nostalgia reasons it deserves a nice little shout out to the rest of the world, take a look:

Perhaps Disney should employ Mr. Williams more often to do their movie scores? Just a suggestion but it's a nice what if, isn't it?

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