Monday, July 6, 2009

News Tidbits from July 6th

Today I'm going to take a break from my Harry Potter retrospectives and take a look at some interesting things I've found on the internet today. Whether you're pumped about the T.J. Hooker movie in development, or you love Nazi fighting archaeologists, this post is for you (course I couldn't forget our favorite boy wizard in the midst of all this Pottermania sweeping the net).

Upon first surfing the web this morning I uncovered some news that in development was a movie-version of the '80s T.V. Show T.J. Hooker starring William Shatner. Whether or not there is anything for Mr. Shatner in this latest adaptation has yet to be seen, but I just can't help to wonder if there was really any demand for such a film? Seriously, I mean I've never seen T.J. Hooker, but then again I've never had any desire to anyways, so why would I pay ten dollars to go see a film version of something that I could watch at home? Go figure, but there will most likely be many nostalgia-filled adults who will surely flock to the cinemas to see it come release. Only time will tell.

Moving on, it seems that the rumors of a potential fifth film in the Indiana Jones franchise is coming closer to reality, with The Insider claiming that it could be out in theaters as soon as 2011. If anyone remembers a few weeks back Shia Labeouf let slip in an interview that Spielberg had a story he was interested in telling for a fifth Indy adventure. Then a few days later Spielberg's producer, Frank Marshall confirmed this sentiment, though putting it in check by letting everyone know that the story was still in the early stages, no script has been commisioned just yet.

Well now, as of this morning, The Insider is claiming that Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, is officially on board for another outing. While I for one would love to see a brand new Indiana Jones adventure, I must sit here and ask why George and Steven, why? You barely got by with the fourth film, which I thought was good but nowhere near the level of the previous three, why do you'll want to go and destroy the good name of the original three Indy adventures? I doubt both Spielberg or Lucas are hurting for money, so what is it? Course there is really no need to get too upset, cause The Insider is by no means a reliable outlet, and as Frank Marshall said, if there is any story for Indy 5 currently in development it's most likely in the early stages and isn't hitting cinemas anytime soon; I mean seriously, it took them 20 years to make the last one, so no need to get angry with George and Steven just yet.

In other news the first trailer for the film version of Gatchaman has appeared online this morning. For those not in the know, Gatchaman was a Japanese anime from the 1970s about five superheroes in the future who fight invading aliens. It's a lot of fun, and is a classic in animation circles. Well a film version has been made by the guys at Imagi Studios, who were responsible for the entertaining Ninja Turtles film TMNT, a few years back; as a matter of fact this film has the same director, Kevin Munroe. It's a cgi-film and is entirely being made in English, so any hopes that it will be done in authentic Japanese are sadly quelled, still regardless the trailer is worth seeing. (Note it is only a bootleg copy, but it gets by just fine.) Take a look:

Course right now I'm too wrapped up in Harry Potter-mania to truly care about anything else, and I have a few things for the fans of the wizard out there. As the release of the new film looms closer, more and more word of mouth begins to get generated, and so far it's been extremely positive. Early reviews have given high marks to the cinematography, the score, and direction by David Yates, stating that he seems to be more confident this time around.

Continuing on, I'd like to say that I've bought the game for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Wii, and it's amazing; if you're a fan of Harry Potter you are doing yourself a great disservice by not even renting this game. Very often when I buy games I feel I don't get my full fifty dollars worth, but that's not the case with this one, it features the best controls and the finest representation of Hogwarts thus far in the series of games.

Of course there is more. It has been confirmed by actor Bill Nighy himself that he'll be playing the role of Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour (hope I splet that right) in the final two Harry Potter films, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2, which I think is pitch perfect casting. Now finally I'm going to leave you'll today with a brand new interview I've run across from an Australian media outlet with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter series. It's hilarious and is well worth your time. Check it out:

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I will be continuing my series of Harry Potter retrospectives with my sentimental look back at the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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