Sunday, July 12, 2009

Queen's Boulevard Strikes Back

The boys from Queens return for a new season filled with excitement this evening. Vince, E, Turtle, Ari, Drama, Lloyd, they're all back! Entourage season 6 starts today!

I'll simply start off by saying that anyone who personally knows me knows how odd it is that I enjoy this show. Entourage is one of my favorite television programs of all-time. I find it genuinely funny and encapsulating. If I have a guilty pleasure this is undoubtedly it.

Last season the guys went through some literal drama. Vince couldn't get a job after the trainwreck that was Medellin, E was struggling to get his management company off the ground, Drama, well Drama remained the same. Turtle actually got himself a girlfriend in the form of Jamie Lynn Siegler from Sopranos fame. And Ari, well he had some tough choices to make too, such as whether or not he should take the Warner Bros. studio head job so he could put Vince in a Werner Herzog film that would get him back on top. Course Ari didn't take it, remaining Vince's agent, and Vince eventually got the film he wanted to do, but after just two days into production the film shut down when Werner fired Vince off the film.

The season all culminated when a defeated Vince returned to his hometown of Queens, New York. Vince was ready to throw in the towel, but E wasn't, going out of his way to get Vince a Gus Van Sant movie. E failed and Vince lost his cool for the first time in the show's history, firing E. Course E's hard work payed off when Vince got a call from Marty Scorsese who offered Vince the lead role in a remake of The Great Gatsby, and it was all thanks to E's doing. Of course Vince and E patched things up and are now best friends once more.

Last season was a genuine roller coaster ride, actually advancing the characters and developing them far further than they ever have gone before. I genuinely felt that last season was the strongest season of the show thus far, so this new season has got some pretty big shoes to fill, and from what I understand there are some big changes in store for the show this season.

First off Turtle and Jamie are still madly in love. Drama is being given a love interest on the NBC show Five Towns. E is contemplating moving out of the house and on his own. Lloyd is wanting a promotion. And Vince is taking driving lessons so he can get his driver's liscense. Nearly every major character has something big going on this season and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

I am most interested in seeing how The Great Gatsby pans out for Vince, whether or not it gets him back on top of the heap and possibly even an Oscar, or whether it flops and Vince will go back to flipping burgers in Queens. Then there's the reintroduction of E's old flame Sloan being thrown back into the mix which could help strengthen the show even more. Though what I most want to see is more potential guest appearances from Marty Scorsese. That blew my mind last season when Scorsese showed up in the finale, and I'm genuinely hoping he at least returns for season six's premiere. As well Gary Cole is coming onto the show as a series regular this season, after turning in some very likable guest spots last season as Ari's old time friend and new partner at the agency.

There are some genuine changes in store, and it'll be interesting to see if Entourage can pull them all off and keep up the same momentum it's had for five years. We'll know tonight. Watch it on HBO at 9:30 central time. I will be.

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