Monday, July 13, 2009

Same Old Charm with some Changes on the Horizon

Entourage returned to television last night kicking off its sixth season. After a very strong season five that sported some very rich character development for all of the major characters, it was going to be interesting to see how the show would move on. Would the show continue to evolve or would it simply revert back to its pre-season five days of frivolity? Both yes and no. Any worries I had were cast aside last night when Entourage came back with a genuine force.

The episode began a few months after the end of season five. Vince is prepping for the release of Marty Scorsese's The Great Gatsby. Vince's new film is getting a ton of buzz and has skyrocketed him back to superstardom. E's management company has grown and he has now very much become his own man, even contemplating renting his own house. Turtle and Jamie are still an item, madly in love. Lloyd is riding Ari on giving him a promotion, and well Drama didn't really have much going on in this episode other than a few good one liners here and there. Overall I'd say the episode was a very solid start to what is shaping up to be a very promising season.

The charm of Entourage returned with this episode. Last season was at times quite dramatic so it was kinda fun to see the guys actually enjoying life once more, but that isn't to say that all the drama they went through last season hasn't made a difference. All of the characters seem to have matured and become a touch wiser, even Vince. While the characters are still the same guys we all know and love, they all seem to be embracing their adulthood a lot better than they used to.

Turtle continues to come into his own. The show gave us some hints at the end of last season that Turtle was genuinely dissatisfied with the fact that he was nearly thirty and had no job other than being Vince's driver. Turtle continues to ponder upon this with the help of his girlfriend Jamie, who is pushing to Turtle to come out of his shell and be his own man, which I think has only strengthened a character that was generally only used for laughs in previous seasons. Course if anyone has become his own man since last season it's been E.

As mentioned earlier, E's company has become big, and with it becoming a genuine force in the entertainment industry E has gained some prestige around Hollywood. Not only that but E has morphed into a ladies man due to his new popularity, even rivaling Vince a bit for girls. Course E is still a hopeless romantic, and things get complicated for him once more when his ex-girlfriend Sloan comes back into the picture. Sloan tries to sublet her best friend's house to E. E thinks it's her way of trying to hook back up with him, but Sloan resists saying they're just friends, even though she invited him inside for a drink at the end of the episode and agreed to attend the premiere of The Great Gatsby with E. We pretty much all know they're gonna get back together again, but it's entertaining to watch it unfold.

Lloyd has returned this season with new fire, getting on Ari's case about a potential promotion. This upsets Ari, but by the end of the episode he caves and says he's going to give Lloyd one hundred days to prove he's agent material, and if Lloyd does it, he gets the promotion. These moments between Ari and Lloyd were some of the more brilliant from the episode and this potential plot thread has planted the seeds for quite possibly the most intriguing part of the season. Will Lloyd rise to the challenge and get the promotion? Time will tell.

Vince is prepping for his new movie about the life of the racecar driver and founder of Farrari, Enzo Farrari. Vince is getting ready for the role by taking driving lessons from Turtle and trying to get his driver's liscense. It's safe to say Vince is a horrible driver, and his scenes driving are some of the funniest of the episode. The look on Turtle's face when he gets out of the car after Vince parallel parks is priceless. When Vince takes his driver's test he takes out countless cones, but succeeds in getting his liscense by bribing the instructor with a free pass to the upcoming Great Gatsby premiere, which I just thought was brilliant and was classic Vince. Later in the episode Vince goes on Jay Leno to promote his new film and jokes about his driver's test with Jay. Then by the end Vince experiences the true freedom that driving brings him when he gets a date in another funny scene.

Though the biggest plot in the episode was whether or not E was going to move out of the house or not. After a talk with Vince, Vince convinced E to take the house claiming it didn't bother him, but then at the end of the episode Vince returns to his empty home for the first time ever and sits alone in the darkness. It was a very touching moment, showing us that Vince truly doesn't like being alone and is literally dependent on all those around him.

While the episode was not as big in scale in terms of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood as past season premieres it was still a well constructed episode that was funny and engaging. While certain characters like Drama kinda felt a little left out of the procceedings, it was a very strong start to what looks to be another great season. I really hope the seeds planted within this episode are allowed to continue to grow and the characters will continue to develop and evolve, cause this episode showed some genuine promise for some very rich character development this upcoming season.

Next week the boys attend the premiere of The Great Gatsby. It looks to be an episode bigger in scale and looks to have the glamour that this premiere lacked. I can't wait. Hopefully Scorsese will pop in.

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