Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trailer Rush: Avatar

The teaser trailer for director James Cameron's latest, Avatar, debuted online late last week. It's the story of a paraplegic war veteran who travels to a distant planet called Pandora. Here he becomes part of a military experiment, becoming an Avatar, quite simply becoming a biologically produced alien. He is then sent to the planet, falling in with the natives and having to choose his side in the impending war. This is James Cameron's first film since he directed Titanic 12 years ago. Take a look:

I'm not gonna lie, I had fallen into the unstoppable hype machine for this film about a year ago. I was so pumped for it, each and every time the media published a story about this film they kept on talking about how it was going to change how movies are made, be as big of a change as the advents of sound and color. Course after viewing this trailer, I have had to put my true expectations in check.

From just this trailer the film simply looks like a video game to me, not a film. The CGI looks so fake when imprinted next to the live action footage, and when there are the scenes that are entirely CGI, I might as well be watching the cut scene to a video game. While many are stating that when you see the film in Imax 3D, as it was intended to be seen, it will look better, but I'm still skeptical.

It makes me feel awful to be skeptical about one of the few original films being made at the current moment, but this trailer failed to live up to my expectations. I just wonder why, instead of going full blown CGI, that Cameron and company didn't decide to invest in using makeup, prosthetics, and real sets and locations in order to get a cleaner, far more realistic look. This is one of the secrets of the universe that puzzle me.

While I still want to see Avatar, and I still hope that it is as good as I deep down want it to be, at the current moment this trailer has rained on my parade.

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