Thursday, September 24, 2009

Actors Sniff Jackets

James Franco is a terrific actor, one of the finest of this current generation. He has done a little bit of everything, showing great range. Recently rumors have been swirling about that Paramount is planning on rebooting the classic Tom Clancy franchise starring the character Jack Ryan. The previous big screen versions of Jack Ryan range everywhere from Alec Baldwin, to Ben Affleck, to the man that made the role famous, Harrison Ford. So who should play Jack Ryan in this new film, a person worthy of succeeding Ford? Look no further than James Franco.

James Franco is a movie star, and yet he has never done any huge leading man roles. Sure he found fame playing Harry Osborne in the Spider-man films, but he's never been able to step out into the spotlight on his own. I personally feel that the part of Jack Ryan might be what Franco's career needs to shoot it into overdrive.

Franco would be a perfect successor to both Ford, and even Baldwin. He can play a tough guy, reminding one of James Dean (just look up Franco on funny-or-die and you'll know what I mean), but he also has a terrific sense of humor, something that Ford was notably famous for being able to infuse in all of his action roles. Franco is at the right age to do such a physically demanding role and for the reasons I listed above, he'd be perfect for the part.

Of course all of this is just speculation, but if Paramount gives this new Jack Ryan film the go ahead, here is hoping they take James Franco into consideration.

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