Friday, September 18, 2009

Hidden Gems: Son of Rambow

I think everyone remembers making stupid home movies as a child. Those truly low-quality films utilizing action figures and cardboard coupled with you and your friends to bring a very absurd story to the screen. That is what Son of Rambow is about at first glance, but upon deeper inspection it is a truly heartfelt film about childhood and friendship.

The story of the film follows Will, a highly imaginative, yet shy young boy who comes from a very strict family. One day Will meets the school bully, Carter, who coerces Will into helping him shoot a film remaking the first Rambo film, First Blood. When Will gets so caught up in the process that he develops his own story called the Son of Rambow, they decide to make their own film about Rambo's son on a mission to save his father who has been kidnapped by the Scarecrow.

Son of Rambow is a delightful film, funny, but also emotional. I was actually quite surprised how moved I was by this film. I went into this film expecting to see a comedy, not a film with this type of emotional depth. The film focuses heavily on the budding friendship between Carter and Will. Their friendship rings true, reminding one of their own childhood and the constant day-to-day things that childhood friendship entails. The fighting, the laughter, it's all there in Son of Rambow. Course that isn't to say the film isn't a joy to watch.

The film is highly imaginative, certain sequences are actually quite trippy, in particular one that takes place in Will's imagination where he does battle with the evil Scarecrow. As well there is a hilarious subplot involving a cool French foreign exchange student, which generates a great many laughs.

I highly recommend this film to any filmgoer. It's unique, entertaining, and moving. A pure delight.

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