Sunday, September 6, 2009

The New Class

Every few decades or so stars rise in the film industry and then slowly ebb away, leading to the rise of new stars. Most of the stars from while I was growing up are growing old and slowly receding from the business. Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, and Harrison Ford just to name a few. A question that has been on the tip of my tongue for a while now is who will be the next generation of mega-stars?

I have decided to do my research and I believe I have compiled a list of five film actors and actresses, all of which are just at the beginning of very promising careers, or have been in the industry for years and are finally getting some much deserved recognition. These five I believe to be the next group of acting giants in the film industry. Here we go:

* Shia LaBeouf - Yeah, I know he's already on his way to becoming a big star, but I don't care. Shia LaBeouf, no matter how you spin it, is a terrific actor. I've been a fan of his ever since his days on the Disney Channel. He showed a range of acting ability in his early years that he still has yet to match later in his career, but I think once he settles in with his celebrity he will become an actor to look out for, and dare I say there might be an Oscar in his future.

* Saoirse Ronan - While not a household name, she's already garnered much attention from the film community, wowing critics and the Academy with her work in Atonement (which garnered he a Best Supporting Actress nod), and this December she plays the lead in the new Peter Jackson film The Lovely Bones. She's a marvelous actress, already loved by critics, and I think she is on her way to becoming the next Cate Blanchett.

* Joseph Gordon-Levitt - While he has been around for a while, he's just now starting to break through the ranks of Hollywood and is just on the cusp of becoming a mega-star. Garnering terrific reviews in small independent films like Stop-Loss and (500) Days of Summer, he's created a name for himself and is starring alongside Leonardo Dicaprio in next summer's Inception. Levitt is a very likable actor, not too dissimilar from Tom Hanks or Jimmy Stewart. Not only is he a very likable guy, he's a darn good actor as well, one to look out for in the coming years.

* Carey Mulligan - An actress similar to Gordon-Levitt. She's been around in the industry since her teens, but thanks to a recent slew of fine performances she's finally on the radar. From a supporting part in Pride & Prejudice to her most recent role in the independent film An Education, which is receiving huge Oscar buzz for Ms. Mulligan, she has managed to break through the ranks, starring alongside Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf in Oliver Stone's sequel to Wall Street. She is a fine actress, and one that both audiences and critics seem to enjoy.

* Rupert Grint - While he's a recognizable face due to his work in the Harry Potter films, he's the most versatile of the Potter trio, being able to pull off anything, ranging from comedy to drama to romance. Grint has flexed his muscles in between the Potter films taking parts in smaller, more character driven independent films like Driving Lessons. He's a likable guy, funny, laid back, but he also has that leading man swagger. I'd almost compare him to a Johnny Depp-type. He's typically quiet, and also he's known for being a bit of an eccentric; not to mention he seems to pull off just about anything he's tried up to this point.

And that's it. These five actors and actresses are what I believe to be the future of film. Only time will tell whether I am right or wrong.

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