Friday, September 4, 2009

Old School Fridays!

Today marks the first day for a new weekly event here at the Unicellular Review. Beginning today we will be revealing a new, old movie trailer each and ever Friday. These trailers will range from the bad to the unique. The whole point is to see how far trailers have truly come in just the past decade or so. Without further ado, the first edition of Old School Fridays!

For our first edition I would like to highlight the original theatrical trailer for my favorite movie of all time, The Empire Strikes Back. Take a look, with cheesy narration by Harrison Ford:

While this trailer does manage to capture the atmosphere of the film, the narration puts this one over the top; first time I watched it I had no clue it was Harrison Ford narrating. The main thing though that makes this trailer so old school is simply the fact that it is definitely a product of its times. It looks like this trailer was pieced together for a 1970s audience. Even still, it's fun for a Star Wars fan to reminisce.

That's it for this Friday. Come back next week where we highlight a new, old movie trailer on Old School Fridays!

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