Monday, September 7, 2009

Pixar and the Ant-Man?

Last week Disney announced that it was buying Marvel Studios. This was a big announcement, causing much speculation about the future of Marvel properties, such as Spider-man, Iron Man, and the X-Men. Supposedly though, Entertainment Weekly let slip that Pixar is currently developing a movie based off the Marvel comic book hero Ant-Man.

This is very intriguing, Ant-Man is one of the lesser known Marvel heroes. His name implies pretty much anything one would need to know about him, having the ability to shrink himself at will. Ant-Man will require a lot of creativity to bring him to the big screen and make him not a laughing stock, and I think the folk at Pixar might just be the guys. Pixar has been known over the years for churning out films that are not only highly original and creative, but also extremely entertaining as well. Of course what does this mean for Edgar Wright's supposed live-action adaptation of the character?

Edgar Wright, the director of the hit-films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, was tipped back in 2006 to direct a live-action Ant-Man film. Currently there is no news on the front about his involvement, if any, with this current project. I believe Edgar Wright is the perfect choice for this particular character, but whether or not Pixar intends for him to direct the film has yet to be seen. Course it's also been stated that Pixar is currently producing their first live-action feature, so it is entirely possible that they're partnering with Wright to bring his vision of the character to the big screen in live-action rather than CG.

While I think Wright is the right man for the job, I do think that this particular superhero would probably work better as an animated feature rather than live-action. Ant-Man is such a bizarre character in the first place, I feel trying to convince an audience to suspend their disbelief will be far easier within the realms of animation than within live-action.

Overall I'm excited to hear more about Pixar's potential involvement in this Marvel franchise. Hopefully they'll still bring on Wright and his great sense of humor to helm the project.

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