Saturday, September 19, 2009

Requiem for a Dream

It has been a fun hobby of mine for a while, beginning with my older brother Jonathan, to try and find unique videos of various film clips edited to the classic Mozart piece, Requiem for a Dream. It's very often quite interesting what you find. The results can range anywhere from pure hilarity to simply making a film that is already awesome that much better.

I've decided to compile my top 5 favorite pieces that splice together film clips with Requiem for a Dream for a little bit of fun. These five videos are all worthy of the title, Requiem for a Dream.

5. Hot Fuzz - This almost sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it actually works quite well. Of course if you've seen the film you're most likely going to laugh anyway.

4. Mr. Bean - This one is simply amazing. One of the funnier things I've ever discovered on youtube.

3. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Final Fantasy is already epic to begin, but when you put Sephiroth vs. Cloud against the backdrop of Requiem for a Dream, epicness just exudes.

2. Star Wars - This is a definite must see for any Star Wars fan. It really amplifies the conflict between Luke and Vader.

1. The Lord of the Rings - This one kind of wins by default cause it's a professional made trailer, but I don't care, this is the best usage I've ever seen of the song with a film. This was the Original Theatrical Trailer for the second Lord of the Rings film. Requiem starts about halfway through, and the end result is simply astonishing.

Hope you enjoyed this fun excursion. Till tomorrow.

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