Friday, October 9, 2009

Are You A Liar About Film?

Do you lie whenever asked whether you have seen a particular film or not? Do you lie when someone asks you what you thought of a movie, and to spare their feelings you agree with them even if your own opinion is the complete opposite? Simply, are you human, and do you lie? If you don't, you're definitely lying right here and now.

All of us lie from time-to-time, and any true film lover has most likely lied about something to do with film at some point or another.

I'll start it off by saying I've done it before. Not in a while, no, but I used to. Whenever asked whether or not I had seen such-and-such (in particular classic films), and I had indeed not seen it, in order to keep from looking like a fool I'd stretch the truth a bit and say I had in fact seen it. Other times when I had seen the film and didn't like it, but a friend did, I would often agree with them just to keep an argument from busting out.

Looking back upon the few times I'd done that, I can't help but think that was stupid. Why does it matter whether or not I had seen a film before, or whether or not I disliked a film that someone else loved?

The truth is, it doesn't matter. There's nothing to be ashamed of by saying you haven't seen something, or revealing your true opinions on the film in question. If all it takes for a person to get put off with you is for you to reveal that you haven't seen or don't like a particular film, then they probably aren't a very stable person you wanna be hanging around with anyways. Of course, no matter what anyone says, we're still gonna all do it, simply because we're human.

Whenever someone talks to me about film and thinks that it'll impress me and make me happy that they agree with me all the time, it really annoys me. I think it's important for a filmgoer, and any person for that matter, to have their own opinions.

If you don't think you'll like a particular film, then don't watch it. If you didn't like the movie, but your friend did, be honest. It's alright to not have seen a film, and it's alright to not like a particular film, so just relax and tell the truth.

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