Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Coens Take on True Grit

It seems that it's a trend nowadays to remake classic films. While I'm usually opposed to this, when someone of the caliber of say the Coen Brothers decide to take one on, I can't help but be intrigued.

It was reported a few months back that the Coens were going to be remaking the John Wayne classic True Grit. The film will star Jeff Bridges as the John Wayne role, and the rumors are that he'll be joined with the likes of Matt Damon and Josh Brolin in supporting parts. Supposedly the Coens plan to take the original book and make this film more in keeping with the original story, as opposed to the story within the previous film adaptation.

I'm really interested in this film. The Coens kind of handled the Western genre with No Country For Old Men, but this time they will be going all out, making a legitimate period piece set in the Wild West. The Coen Brothers in the Wild West? Oh, the possibilities.

The big question with this film is whether or not anyone will wanna see such an iconic movie retooled, even if it is done by someone of the caliber of the Coens? Time will tell, but I can't wait to see Jeff Bridges flex his acting muscles once more and try to take on Duke.

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