Friday, October 30, 2009

Forget Two Times in a Row!

Hugh Jackman has officially declined the offer to host the Oscars two times in a row, according to Variety. In a way I'm a touch relieved. While the show last year was a little invigorating simply because everything was so different you didn't know what to expect, I still missed the straight stylings of a stand-up comedian up there on the stage. With not much time left to lock down an Oscar host, who will it be?

At the moment there are no clear frontrunners. The rumors were Jackman, and that was it, and seeing as how he turned it down, there is no one else. While it is reasonable that they will try someone else like Jackman who can do the whole song-and-dance routine, I'd personally like to see them get another comedian back up there.

Ellen Degeneres, Conan O'Brien, even Steve Martin, someone who will be able to come into the Oscars and have a little fun with it. And who says that someone like Conan or Ellen can't do a little song-and-dance? Hey, it might even be funnier than having a legitimate Broadway performer leading the way. Though it is safe to say that the race for who will be this year's Oscar host has just widened a great deal.

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