Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hugh Jackman, Oscar Host, Again?

Why is it when something works in Hollywood they have to keep on running it into the ground to try and make lightning strike twice?

Last year the Oscar telecast saw a boost in ratings from previous years, and many attribute that to the wonderful hosting job that Hugh Jackman did last year. Well the latest news circulating is that the head guys over at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences want to ask Jackman to host again, two years in a row.

I think if the Academy goes through with this decision it'd be a bad idea, showing little outside the box thinking, which is the main reason why so many had given up on the Oscars in previous years because the Academy seemed to be stuck in their own little world. Last year the Academy opened the show back up a bit more, and this year by stretching the Best Picture race from 5 to 10 nominees, the Oscars are back on track, but I think they'd be taking a huge step back by asking the same host to do duties two years running.

As well the Academy has yet to lock down a producer for this year's show, yet they're already actively pursuing a host. While the rumors are that they offered Spielberg the chance to produce, he turned it down. I say first get the producers, and then lock down a host that will be able to be funny, entertaining, and wont be awkward and uncomfortable.

I still stand by my thought that Conan O'Brien would be the perfect host for the Oscars, but that's just my opinion. Come to think of it has Jay Leno ever hosted the Oscars? And what about giving Ellen DeGeneres another go at hosting? Just throwing some ideas out there.

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