Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Tomorrow the much anticipated adaptation of the classic children's book, Where the Wild Things Are, hits theaters.

I have been anticipating this film ever since I first saw the trailer. While I remember having the book read to me as a child, those memories are very vague. Unlike many wanting to see this film for nostalgic reasons, or simply because it's the in-thing right now to like the Wild Things, I want to see it because I think it looks like a marvelous film.

The first trailer for the film was simply astounding. This film was barely a blip on my radar till last Spring when the trailer was unleashed. This was the first time we got a glimpse of the magnificent world in which Spike Jonze has created. From a visual standpoint, the film looks astounding, I mean the Wild Things themselves are a marvel of movie puppetry. After that I knew that this was I film I had to see when it came out.

Well, now the film is less than a day away, reviews have poured in (for the most part mixed, but of course I expected that), and it's time to start "rumpusing," if you will, in anticipation for the release of the film.

I have tried to dig up every last ounce of information on this film over the past few months. I've read countless interviews, seen many behind-the-scenes videos, read tons of reviews, and even seen a few clips from the film itself. So what are my thoughts on the film before actually going to see it?

From all that I've seen and read about thus far, the film sounds like it will be an interesting film, one that will play more to the adults in the audience rather than the children. As well, the biggest bone of contention with the critics who disliked it is that the film has no real plot, where as the critics who enjoyed it hail the filmmakers for making a film about Max's emotions, the characters, and their relationships amongst one another. So what to most likely expect?

I expect the film to be a touch darker than your average kid's movie, as well I expect it to be a little more esoteric than what is typically released as a mainstream piece of cinema. The story wont be this fight the bad guy and save the world scenario, but rather one with emotional complexity and layers. In a way it almost sounds as if someone decided to making an art film with this mainstream exterior.

I've gotta say I love everything I've seen from the film thus far. All of the film clips I've seen I thought to be funny and emotional. As well, I've listened to the score for the film and it seemed to fit the mood I was expecting from it. As a whole I say don't listen to the critics on this one. Go in with your own thoughts, you might end up more satisfied than if you don't.

P.S. This is the 100th post on the Unicellular Review! Take a moment to celebrate!

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