Monday, October 12, 2009

Moses, the Action Hero!

Bravheart meets 300 infused with Exodus? 20th Century Fox is putting into development a film retelling the story of Moses and the book of Exodus. The film will tell the same story told in films like The Ten Commandments and the Prince of Egypt, but according to Variety the plan with this current retelling is to do it all in the style of an action film.

The film will utilize the same green screen technology that 300 used to tell the story. Variety claims that the writers Adam Cooper and Bill Collage have imagined this latest retelling of one of the greatest true stories of all-time in a way that is more in the vain of a film like Braveheart rather than the original Ten Commandments.

At the current moment I'm not too sure about this. While I like the idea of re-imagining the story for a modern audience by making it more action-oriented, I just don't like the idea of doing it in green screen at all. I wasn't a fan of 300, of course I wasn't a fan of the film's story, where as here I am, so my thoughts might change. Even still, I think making this story more like an action film is actually a really good one, allowing this story to reach a great more many people that have never probably cared to listen to it. As for now all we can do is wait and see what happens.

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