Friday, October 2, 2009

Old School Fridays: Citizen Kane

The start of another fantastic weekend, Old School Fridays is here! This week we are highlighting the original theatrical trailer for the film that is often considered the greatest of all-time, Citizen Kane.

This is a very intriguing trailer; very unique, especially for its time. You can definitely feel Orson Welles and his usual grandiosity throughout the trailer, probably doesn't hurt that he's narrating the whole thing. The trailer doesn't tell you much about the film, and it gets a tad boring and long about midway through (where most trailers should end), but it does its job of intriguing one to want to learn more about the character of Charles Foster Kane.

And that's it for this Friday. Tune in next week for another edition of Old School Fridays!

(Stay tuned, later on this weekend we will be posting the first edition of a new segment called the Classics, reviewing Citizen Kane. Do I really think it's the greatest film ever made? Return to find out.)

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