Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trailer Rush: The Wolfman

I'm always wary whenever someone decides to remake a classic film, but in this case I feel it might pay off. The Wolfman is the latest remake coming to theaters next February. The film is directed by Joe Johnston (Jumanji) and stars Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, and Emily Blunt. It's a remake of the classic 1941 Universal monster movie starring Lon Chaney. Take a look:

This trailer was really well-done. It made me excited to see the film, which is something that many movie trailers don't manage to do. The trailer doesn't waste time in trying to set-up the story cause majority of moviegoers already know, whether they think they do or not. The cast is solid, and I have always been a fan of Joe Johnston's direction, so I believe that this could be a good, fun movie. My only fear comes in the fact that this film has been delayed twice for untold reasons, but I'm not gonna be a skeptic here cause this one looks awesome.

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