Thursday, October 8, 2009

TV Review: Entourage - Season 6

Entourage is one of my more favorite shows currently on television. The sixth season ended this past Sunday night, and it wrapped up what was for the most part a fairly disappointing season.

The sixth season of Entourage started off with so much promise. The fifth season of the show was probably the best since the show had started, and suffice to say I had high hopes for season 6, but ultimately it failed to deliver the same as season 5.

The story of season 6 developed all of the characters that we know and love (except for Vince, which is kinda weird, since he's the star).

Turtle had a girlfriend for majority of the season, not only that, he enrolled in UCLA taking business classes so that he could open up his own business.

Drama ran into trouble on his TV show Five Towns. After a confrontation with the network CEO Drama's character in Five Towns was put in a coma. Drama convinced Lloyd to free him from his contract so that he could audition for the new Melrose Place. Drama does not get the part on Melrose, but is given the lead in another new series being developed by the network.

E's story this season was probably the most time consuming, and the most annoying. E's typical girl problems were overplayed to the point of being highly annoying. His relationship with Ashley was pointless to the overall story, and the story between E and Sloan was monotonous to watch all season long. Then it also ticked me off that they portrayed E as this immature guy that doesn't really know what he wants, where as in season's past, E was the most mature of the four guys.

Then there was Lloyd's story where he wanted to become an agent, Ari's story of being able to buy out Terrence's agency, and the frustrating storyline with Andrew Klein and his wife, which I thought to be stupid.

Finally there was Vince, who was mainly just there for laughs this season, but he probably had the most fun storylines. Vince trying to learn how to drive was hilarious, but the highlight of the entire season was probably when Vince thought that he had a stalker, and him and Turtle decided to buy guns for protection.

Overall Entourage season 6 had enough good moments to keep any fan satisfied, but as a whole the story felt very disconnected and boring. As well, they changed many of the characters in which we have grown to love. While I know all of the characters are getting older, I just found it a little sad. Not only that, the show seemed to be missing the glitz and glamor from season's past in which make Entourage, Entourage. The reason why I loved Entourage in the first place was because I liked that it was a parody of the entertainment industry and how it works, and there was very little to none of that this entire season.

Still there were some moments from this season that I thought to be some of the funniest within the show's history. Such as when E tells a television network executive that they were a racist, when Drama tails who they think is Vince's stalker, when Matt Damon tries to continuously get Vince to donate to a charity, or when Ari bursts into Terrence's agency after he bought it out, shooting all of the employees he hated with a paintball gun.

I give Entourage Season 6 a B-!

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