Friday, October 2, 2009

The Unicellular Review's Legend

It's an exciting time for the Unicellular Review. We're starting to really get into our groove and are finally slipping into what we want the blog to really be. That is why we saw it fit to do a bit of a rundown of the blog and how it functions for first time readers; kind of like a legend on a map.

The Unicellular Review tries to deal with all facets of film and television, keeping our readers up to date on the latest entertainment news and our thoughts regarding that information; while also posting short essays, if you like, dealing with any facet of film or television that we wish to highlight. Of course the primary function of the Unicellular Review is to post up to date reviews on films and TV shows. It's at this time I see it fit to introduce the varying types of reviews we have here on the Unicellular Review. Here we go:

* Movie/ TV Review - It's exactly as it sounds. Reviews upon the latest films released in theaters (in the case of a TV show we typically don't post a full review till at the end of a season). Here we utilize a grade system, like A for outstanding, B for good, C for mediocre, D for poor, and F is self-explanatory. (Most recent Movie Reviews, District 9 and Ponyo).

* Hidden Gems - Our Hidden Gems segment highlights films that the casual moviegoer might have not heard of. Due to the nature of these kind of reviews, all of the films generally highlighted here are of either Grades A or B quality so we do not utilize the grade system upon these reviews. (Most recent Hidden Gems, Departures and The Fountain).

* Budget DVDs - Similar to Hidden Gems, our Budget DVDs segment highlights films that can be bought at your local DVD retailer for ten bucks or less. Like Hidden Gems the grade system is not utilized since any film highlighted here most likely has a Grade A or B. (Most recent Budget DVDs, Catch Me If You Can).

* Trailer Rush - This type of review is on a far smaller scale, and does not utilize a grade system. This simply is us finding a new film trailer online and sharing it with our readers, giving our opinions upon the trailer and our thoughts upon the film that we have yet to see.

* Old School Fridays! - Old School Fridays! is a segment that is essentially the same as Trailer Rush except instead of highlighting new movie trailers, we highlight a different old movie trailer to a classic film each and every Friday to get the weekend off to a good start.

And coming soon...

* The Classics - A new type of review being utilized here at the Review. This is where we take films that are considered timeless classics and we review them as if they were films just released in theaters. Here we will be brutally honest, utilizing the grade system, giving our true opinions upon films that are often considered some of the best of all-time.

Stay tuned to the Unicellular Review!

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