Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wishing Upon A Star

Why is that we Star Wars fans are so gullible? We always want to hold out hope that George Lucas is planning something big, something that will continue the franchise in which we love so much.

Recently a big rumor appeared online that George Lucas was planning on making a new trilogy of Star Wars films, shot with the same 3-D motion capture technology utilized to make the upcoming sci-fi epic, Avatar. As well, the rumor stated that directors like Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola were already prepped and ready to direct these latest installments as opposed to Lucas. Now I'll go ahead and say that Lucasfilm has rebuked this rumor, which pretty much solidifies that it was some fan's wishful thinking.

The simple fact that the rumor stated that Lucas wouldn't be directing the latest installments, made me know from the start that this rumor was completely bogus. It was probably generated by some fan who didn't like the prequels and wants Lucas to make up for them with a new, better trilogy that he will only be involved in the same capacity that he was with the original trilogy. This is a lot of wishful thinking, it will probably never happen. As well, does anyone really think Coppola would ever direct a Star Wars film? Of course not!

I bet anything that this rumor was probably sparked by Lucas's recent comments admiring James Cameron's upcoming film, Avatar. Lucas said that he thinks it has the potential to be the next Star Wars and he gushed admiration over the technology utilized to make the film.

What this all boils down to is some fan probably taking these comments and twisting them into his own means. While I would love to see a new Star Wars trilogy, especially a Star Wars film finally made by Spielberg, it's not gonna happen.

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