Monday, November 2, 2009

Budget DVDs: Air Force One

Why can't the President be Harrison Ford? I mean, seriously. James Marshall is about the best President I've ever seen, I'd even say the ideal President. Of course, James Marshall isn't real, but I do think it's safe to say that he's the greatest onscreen President of all-time.

Air Force One is an awesome film, a terrific action experience that is heartpounding till the very last frame. The story is about Russian terrorists hijacking Air Force One, and the only person left onboard to fight them off and free all the hostages is the President of the United States himself, played here by Harrison Ford.

For an action film it's filled with a ton of powerhouse performances. Glenn Close as the Vice-President, Gary Oldman as the leader of the Russian hijackers, and Harrison Ford as the greatest President of all-time. This movie just made me wonder how Gary Oldman nor Harrison Ford have never won an Oscar. They're both tremendous in this film, and when you see the scene where Oldman forces Ford to release the Russian General from prison, they play off one another without any effort it seems. Of course, we musn't forget all of the spectacular action sequences within the film.

In only films like these will you be able to see Air Force One engage in a dogfight with enemy fighter jets. See an American pilot take not just a bullet for the President, but rather a missile. See Harrison Ford beat the crap out of countless badguys. And only in a film like this will you see Harrison Ford beat up the villain and just before he throws him out of the plane he says, "Get off my plane!" Classic!

Air Force One is one of those action movie classics alongside stuff like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. It shouldn't be missed.

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