Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cillian Murphy and Danny Boyle, Together Again?

It's being rumored that Cillian Murphy is at the top of a shortlist to play mountaineer Aaron Ralston in Danny Boyle's upcoming film, 127 Hours.

We reported a few weeks back that this film about the true story of mountain climber Aaron Ralston, whose arm got pinned beneath a boulder and he had to amputate it with a dull knife, would be Boyle's next film. It had long been rumored that Ryan Gosling was up for the lead, but now it seems Cillian Murphy is being thrown into the mix.

This is after all a logical option. Boyle and Murphy have already collaborated twice before, on 28 Days Later and Sunshine, both of which are two of Murphy's finer performances of his young career.

Personally I would find Murphy far better suited for this role than Gosling. Murphy has proven that he can do these types of films where it's simply him against the forces of nature and he has knocked them out of the park infusing the roles with a grit and a sense of reality which I don't believe any other actor could bring to this role.

As of now this is just a rumor, but a substantial one at that. Let's just say it has a very good chance of being true.

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