Monday, November 23, 2009

An Homage: Brink!

Way back when the Disney Channel actually had some credentials and wasn't a Hannah Montana pop-fest, there were some awesome original movies produced. From Zennon to Smart House, the Disney Channel had style, but no other movie had as big of an impact on me as the epic roller skating bash that was Brink!.

Brink!, the story of soulskater Andy "Brink" Brinker, played by Erik von Detten. Back in the third grade when this film premiered, I thought that this was as dramatic as a movie could get. When Brink betrays his team and joins Team X-Blades, it was so sad, but of course everyone all kisses and makes up for the epic finale where Brink and his teammates on Team Pup-and-Suds take Team X-Blades head on, culminating in the climactic race between Brink and rival Val.

This movie was so impactful upon me at that age. After I saw it, I wanted to be a top class roller skater, just like Brink. I practiced hours upon hours outside in my driveway, even occasionally taking it to the streets to try and hone my soulskating skills. Ultimately though, my dreams came crashing down literally one night when I went down a big hill, tripped, and fell. I skidded down, flat on my backside. The pavement ripped open my pants, chewed its way through my underwear, and let's just say that the pavement left its mark. It was definitely one of the more painful experiences of my life, aside from the time one of my brothers hit me in the head with a rock, but that's a different story for a different time.

The last time I saw Brink!, it was a few years ago, and I was so in awe as to how much the film itself has aged, and how much I've aged and matured since the film came out. The movie is still steeped in its late '90s So-Cal culture, and I've kind of grown out of this type of cheesy sports movie. Even still, Brink! holds very fond memories for me. While I no longer want to be a world class skater, I still have those memories of a time when innocence reigned.

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