Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Return of Khan?

It seems everyone in the film industry has a bit of Star Trek fever. The latest Trek film hit store shelves on Blu-Ray and DVD Tuesday. I've already bought my copy and watched it, and I thought that the end result still hadn't lost its magic. With so many in Hollywood and across the internet eager to see where this new series of Trek films will go, rumors are quickly flying about for the inevitable sequel.

From what has been said by J.J. Abrams and producer Damon Lindelof, the script is in fact being written. Whether there is already a couple of drafts or it's simply in the outline phase, I'm not sure, but that is good news to hear. Even still, no word has been released as to what the sequel will actually be about and whether any other classic Star Trek characters will find themselves into this alternate universe. One of the more talked about potential returns is that of Khan, the infamous foe of Captain Kirk from Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan.

The role made famous by Ricardo Montalban is one of those all-time great movie villains, and many fans want his return to the franchise. When asked about a potential return of Khan, Abrams and co. have been very coy, but the latest rumor is that Nestor Carbonell from LOST is up for the role of Khan.

Now many are taking this out of context that Khan will be in the next film and that Carbonell is playing him, but this is simply a rumor, either fabricated by a fan, or a suggestion from one of the filmmakers as to who they'd like to see play Khan if he was included in the sequel. While Carbonell would make a very fine Khan indeed, this does not mean that he is in the next Trek adventure, and I personally don't want a reprise of Khan.

They went through all this trouble with the first Star Trek film to create this parallel universe and prove that this isn't your father's Star Trek. They've done that, and I think they'll be backpedaling if they decide to rehash old storylines and characters from the series and the previous films. Now if they can find an original and unique way to include Khan and make it be completely different than before, I'm all for it, but as for now I am against this suggestion.

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