Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trailer Rush: Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges is one of those actors out there deserving of an Oscar. Nominated four times and still has never won, that has to be really frustrating. Well, perhaps with his new film, Crazy Heart, Bridges has that chance.

Crazy Heart is the story of washed up country singer Bad Blake, now experiencing rough times in his career. Can he find redemption? He might find the answer to that question through journalist Jean Craddock, who uncovers the true Bad Blake that no one else knows. Take a look:

It kind of reminds me a bit of The Wrestler, just more uplifting. Perhaps this is why Fox Searchlight, the distributor behind The Wrestler picked this one up for distribution. Jeff Bridges looks to be in top form here as Bad Blake, he is definitely in the race for Best Actor, of course after seeing this trailer I believe the film itself has a shot.

Whether come next March Crazy Heart is nominated for Best Picture or not, this one looks to be a perfect showcase of Bridge's acting abilities. Look for this one as it hits theaters in limited release, December 16th.

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