Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trailer Rush: Extraordinary Measures

Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser have teamed together for the new film, Extraordinary Measures. The stars of Indiana Jones and The Mummy will be joining forces in a drama film. Not quite the way I would have expected to see these two in a film together, but it might work. The film Extraordinary Measures is based on the true story about a father who finances a scientist to try and find a cure for the rare disease in which plague his children.

I actually want to see this. First of all it has Mr. Ford in it, but secondly it actually looks like a good film. I always think of Brendan Fraser still as George of the Jungle, but this is a good reminder that he is actually a good actor. And Harrison Ford, one of those actors I feel is greatly undervalued for his various performances over the years, nominated for only one Oscar for Witness and not The Fugitive nor Raising Henry. With this film being released in January, that pretty much quells any awards hopes that it might have, but regardless it should be an enjoyable time at the movies to see Mr. Ford in action again in a movie that actually has some promise.

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