Monday, November 16, 2009

Trailer Rush: Leaves of Grass

A film about marijuana. That pretty much sums up the new film Leaves of Grass, of course it's got more to it than just that. The film stars Edward Norton in two roles, now before you go calling all Eddie Murphy on him, he's just pulling the classic playing two identical twin brothers, one a straight-laced business type, the other a pot-smoking redneck who's gotten in way over his head and needs his brother to pose as him to try and get out of it. Take a look:

Edward Norton as a redneck, Richard Dreyfuss throwing around cuss words, Keri Russell in a film about pot, and to cap it all off, Sigourney Weaver. What an odd cast for what looks to be an odd movie. First off, Norton rarely does comedy, he's typically a straight up dramatic actor, but I do find it fun to watch him here playing things to comedic effect. As a matter of fact, all of the cast members look as if they had a blast making this one. As for now I'm still a little on the fence about this one, but I will say it is at least on my radar.

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