Monday, December 7, 2009

Disappointment Supplemented by a Plush Ponyo

Why is it that you always have to wait for something great? Hayao Miyazaki's latest masterpiece, Ponyo, was supposed to be hitting store shelves on DVD tomorrow Dec. 8th, but now I've learned that Disney isn't releasing it tomorrow, but rather next year, March 2nd to be exact. Why!?!

I know they say patience is a virtue, but I'm baffled by this decision. My only guess is that Disney was afraid that there would be too much competition in the Christmas movie season and that it would most likely slip through the cracks, where as releasing it in March it wont have nearly as much competition on the marketplace, and if it lucks up at the Oscars it could be boosted by a Best Animated Feature Oscar.

While I'm pretty miffed, Disney is making up for it by including a stuffed animal of Ponyo the goldfish with every version of the 2-Disc Special Edition (as pictured above). I can't wait to set my own Ponyo on my desk. Excitement abounds!

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