Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Hate Limited Releases

You know what's the worst part of award's season? Is that just about any movie actually worth seeing in theaters comes out in limited release first before it expands nationwide.

I understand the whole deal of doing a limited release when the studios don't know how audiences will accept a film, so they're trying to test the waters to see if the film will be successful with a wide release, but when the studios have intentions of eventually expanding the film in question all across the nation, then why not just do that from the start?

I bet the studios have some dumb explanation as to why they do this practice. Two recent examples, Up in the Air and The Lovely Bones, both made by Paramount, and both are in limited release till Christmas Day. I wanna see these films now, not later. Why is it that New York and L.A. get so much preference over Alabama (and to anyone reading, understand that I know the true answer to this question)? The bottom line is that there are people all over the country who are wanting to see these films, so why not give them the same opportunity that these other, more "artistic" crowds have?

Thanks for listening to my rant. Goodnight everybody!

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