Friday, December 4, 2009

Trailer Rush: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1

Okay, this is what I'm calling an emergency post. The first "official" look at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 has hit the net. Without further ado, the first trailer for the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise:

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Okay, I usually try to refrain from being an obsessive fanboy, but I can't -- repeat -- can't wait to see this movie! I'm about as big of a Harry Potter fan as I am anything else. Ever since I heard about WB splitting the final book up into two films, I was excited. I actually feel that this film might do what is one of the finer books of the series, the justice it deserves.

Even though this trailer was fuzzy, I've been trying to decipher the shots as to what is going on and linking that to the book, mainly because this trailer is for Part 1 only, thus what is shown is most likely going to be in the first part of the two-parter finale, and this is a big deal since the filmmakers have been very secretive as to where they're going to split the two films. My bet after seeing this trailer is just before the gang infiltrates Gringotts.

I know for a fact we saw clips from Harry and Hermione's journey to Godric's Hollow, and I've gotta admit I got a little geeked out when I saw the Peverell gravesite. As well, we saw the gang at Shell Cottage with Griphook and Ollivander, which is actually over halfway through the book, so it makes me wonder whether they're embellishing upon the Battle of Hogwarts in Part 2 in order to make it as truly epic as it was in the book.

Other parts I recognized from the book was the gang walking through the streets of London, obviously after they escaped from the Wedding based upon their attire, as well as another scene in London, but the gang in different attire, which makes me think that might have something to do with the sequence at the Ministry of Magic; "Magic is Might!"

The only parts of the trailer I was real unclear on was the sequence at the end of the trailer of them running through the woods, obviously in battle. I actually have no clue what that sequence was from in the book. Alas all will be told soon though since the film hits theaters next November.

If you want a better look at this trailer, go out and buy the Two-Disc Special Edition DVD of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this upcoming Tuesday December the 8th.

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