Saturday, January 30, 2010

Budget DVDs: M:I:III

Sometimes there are films in which the public have never even heard of, and at other times there are films in which they have heard of it, but no one really went to go see it for the most part, thus it winds up quickly in a five dollar bin somewhere. That about sums up J.J. Abrams' Mission Impossible sequel, M:I:III.

In the film, Tom Cruise reprises his role as secret agent Ethan Hunt who goes on a mission to save his wife who has been kidnapped by an evil black market arms dealer, but be prepared, cause countless corkscrews lie ahead in his path.

J.J. Abrams directs a very tense and exciting action/thriller that one needs no prior knowledge of the Mission Impossible franchise to enjoy. I'll be honest, the only Mission Impossible I had seen before seeing this one was the second one, and I already would put this third installment way above the second in a heartbeat. Speaking of heartbeats, yours will be skipping every other pulsation as your pulse races to the finish line alongside Ethan Hunt. There are so many marvelously crafted action sequences, though the true standout is a helicopter chase that takes place at a wind farm in Germany where two helicopters fly low-to-the-ground, ducking and dodging the wind turbines. It's fascinating, popcorn action!

In classic blockbuster fashion there are countless twists-and-turns, tons of explosions, and lots of stealthy spy stuff, but what makes this film so intriguing is that it is actually a well-made film. The film has emotional resonance, and while I usually can't stand Tom Cruise, he does the action well, and Philip Seymour Hoffman is marvelous as the villain. Not to mention, you actually care about these characters in some way, shape, or form.

The only real misstep I felt was that all of the great action sequences are in the first half of the film and the latter half, while it does have its share of action, felt less inspired, but the conclusion is satisfying enough to sit through the end. J.J. Abrams milks it for all its worth, and it pays off.

P.S. You've gotta love composer Michael Giacchino's rendition of the classic Mission Impossible theme. It's astounding!

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