Friday, January 8, 2010

Fever Pitch 2010

Lists, everyone loves lists, don't they? Well, we're now officially one week into the new year, what better time to do my list of the 10 things I'm most looking forward to in entertainment this year, 2010. These 10 things can either be film or television, mostly film, but there a few surprises thrown in there. Let's look into the beyond and have a little bit of fun.

10. Batman 3 Announcement - Batman fans have been as patient as you can ask a bunch of obsessive fanboys (or girls), it's now or never, whether Christopher Nolan returns to helm a third Batman film is irrelevant, we Batman fans want an announcement that a third one is for sure coming. Personally, I want to receive this announcement and have Nolan sitting back in the director's chair, which is what I think will happen, I just want an official statement from WB or Nolan to know for sure.

9. Smallville: Absolute Justice 2-Hour T.V. Movie - Smallville is one of my favorite TV Shows of all-time, and this 2-Hour special seems to be worth the wait. The special, which airs in February, will have Clark meeting the Justice Society of America and its members, such as Hawkman and the original Green Lantern (Alan Scott). Not only that, for this special, the CW is giving Smallville's budget a boost, which is greatly appreciated for a fan of this budget-strapped show.

8. Shutter Island - After being pushed back from last October to this February, us cinephiles are about to be overcome with anticipation for director Martin Scorsese's first directorial effort since he finally won the much deserved Oscar for The Departed. The film will be unveiled within a month, and I definitely want to see it, even though I know it will probably freak me out and I wont be able to sleep for a few nights.

7. Tron Legacy - Every geek out there has a soft spot for Tron, and now the cult classic telling the story of a computer programmer trapped within a video game is getting a sequel. Jeff Bridges returns to reprise his leading role, and this sequel is gonna benefit from a far bigger budget, the advent of CGI, and Disney is making it in 3-D. This is definitely one of those films that will be more fun to look at than anything else. Visual eye candy.

6. 127 Hours - I'm a fan of director Danny Boyle, and I'm very excited to see his latest film detailing the awesome story of mountain climber Aaron Ralston who got his arm trapped beneath a boulder and had to chop it off. The film will star James Franco and is supposed to hit theaters later in the year, and I for one will be in line to see Franco, my favorite actor currently working, pairing up with Boyle, one of the finer directors currently in the industry.

5. Iron Man 2 - The first Iron Man film was a pure delight, a step-up from your traditional summer blockbuster, and I really think that they can repeat that success with the sequel. With Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash, and based upon the creepiness he exudes in the trailer, he could be a villain to remember. This could be an awesome action-packed thrill ride from start to finish.

4. LOST: The Sixth and Final Season - Ever since I first saw the pilot way back in 2004, I have been obsessed with the TV show LOST, I think you could call me a "Lostie". Nearly six years and five seasons later, we are finally coming to the conclusion of one of the most awesome stories ever told on television. The show has had a definitive end date since the 4th Season, so it feels as if everything has been building up to this point and we will finally learn all of the show's big secrets that have plagued us for so long.

3. To Finish My Film (Lost & Found) for Submission in Sidewalk Film Festival - If you've been following the blog, you know that I've been making a short film titled Lost & Found. Shooting wrapped yesterday on the film and it's now time to move on to editing. My goal for this film is to have it finished in enough time to submit it to the Sidewalk Film Festival here in Birmingham, AL. Wish me luck.

2. Inception - While we're still waiting for director Christopher Nolan to make a decision on Batman 3, we can all see his latest, Inception, as it hits theaters this summer. The film, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, is a $200 million action flick that looks like your typical Nolan mind-bender, just with a heftier budget. Like almost each film directed by the guy, it is shrouded in mystery. No one truly knows what it's about, but I don't care, the two awesome trailers released thus far and the terrific poster of Leo standing in a flooded city street, has me itching with enough anticipation to see it come midnight.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - Really, as a Harry Potter fan, I don't see how this couldn't top my list. The first part of the Harry Potter finale hits theaters this November, and I can hardly wait. After seeing the sixth film, I was extremely confident within the abilities of this cast and crew being able to carry Harry Potter home, and upon seeing the first trailer for the film, my confidence doesn't seem to be misplaced.

That does it for my own list. Sound off in the comments below as to what you're most looking forward to this coming year.

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