Friday, January 29, 2010

Old School Fridays: Back to the Future (Theatrical Trailer)

Last Friday was an extremely busy day for me, but no matter, whilst there was a hiatus, it does not stop us this week, time to dive into a new edition of Old School Fridays! This week we're taking a look at the extremely cheesy theatrical trailer for Back to the Future, the original, not one of the undesirable sequels (though, the second one does have its moments).

This trailer is so over-the-top, it makes the movie look like a laughing stock. While the movie is a comedy, this makes it just looks like Family Ties with some time travel involved. Regardless, it's always fun to look back and just see how much trailers have changed. If a trailer like this came out nowadays, there's no way I'd plop down ten bucks to see this movie, even though it's a fantastic film. Take a look at the trailer:

That does it for this Friday, tune in next week for another exciting edition of Old School Fridays! I promise.

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