Thursday, January 14, 2010

Production Diaries: Time To Start Editing

It's a real exciting time for me, it's time to start seeing whether or not any of the footage I've shot for my latest film, Lost & Found, will actually even work. I finally bought an external hardrive the other day, and I was quite surprised, because I did not expect it to arrive that quickly, it said it would take 2-3 days to get here and it arrived in a little over 1. Regardless, now that my first external hardrive has arrived, it's time to get down to business and begin editing the film.

Even though we dealt with bitterly cold weather, and our set continued to get blown over by the vile wind, the second day of shooting for the film last week went extremely well, I felt as if everyone involved had kind of finally hit their stride and delivered better work than on the first day of filming. Of course, I wont know if it's much better until I'm trying to piece everything together in editing, but of course at the moment I'm satisfied, primarily with my actors; Mr.'s Nick Recio and Aaron Alford, both delivered fine performances for actors with no previous acting experience, and I'd just like to thank them once more for their effort in helping make this film a reality, especially since they didn't get paid for this. Not to mention my Director of Photography, Paul Sholly, who helped this color deficient director a great deal.

Overall, I can't wait to sit down at the computer and start editing. Wish me luck that everything will turn out well.

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