Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thor's Thunderball Within 127 Hours

Sometimes news is extremely slow, with nothing of real interest to shed some light, but every now and then there is a bevy of news within just the short period of 24 hours, and it is times like these that are the most exciting.

Probably the most interesting news is that production on Spider-man 4 has halted due to more script re-writes, thus making it's May 6, 2011 release highly unlikely. Trying to fill the void where Spidey left, Marvel and Paramount have bumped up the Kenneth Brannagh directed Thor to take Spider-man's date. They claim that if the webcrawler does get back on track to be released on the 6th, they'll move again, but it's seeming unlikely that Spider-man 4 can keep that date.

As much as I'd like to see Sam Raimi try and redeem himself for the monstrosity that was Spider-man 3, this isn't a very good sign, when a film is continuously delayed because of something as trivial as the script. I personally think that Spider-man 4 is just another in a long line of superhero films that will always be in production and just never see the light of day, like Batman: Year One, The Man of Steel, Daredevil 2, etc. Till the cameras start rolling on this one, I'm going to be skeptical.

On to some greener pastures, the director for the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise has been announced, Sam Mendes, the Oscar-winning director of American Beauty and critically acclaimed for his work on Road to Perdition. This is an intriguing choice, one that I'm a touch skeptical about, purely because Mendes has never done a straight up action flick. We know he can do drama, but James Bond is an action movie, not a buttoned up drama that Mendes is accustomed to directing, though it is interesting to see a director of this caliber taking risks.

Though here is some news I am by no means skeptical about. Danny Boyle's next film, 127 Hours, telling the story of mountaineer Aaron Ralston who got his arm pinned beneath a boulder, has found its lead in actor James Franco. I love Franco, and I love Boyle. This is a masterful pairing that should yield fantastic results, as long as Boyle and sripter Simon Beaufoy have found an intriguing way to tell this grisly story.

Finally, on an extremely happy note for comic book geeks the world over, Green Lantern, the DC Comics film based on the intergalactic superhero, has officially received a greenlight from Warner Bros. Cameras are set to start rolling on the Martin Campbell directed film in only 10 weeks, shooting to make a July 17, 2011 release. I'm really excited for this, while I'm still not entirely stoked about the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, I'm such a fan of the character that I can put that aside and just be excited that the film will see the light of day.

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