Monday, January 11, 2010

Trailer Rush: The A-Team

And so it is, The A-Team are gearing up to hit the big screen this June. When you thought Hollywood had mined just about everything they could to make some money, they attempt to take classic television and transform it into a mega-budget blockbuster. I've gotta say, the film looks, at anything, to be a good time at the movies, as long as you're not going in there expecting to see this year's Star Trek or Avatar. Note I said, a good time at the movies, not necessarily a good movie. Seriously, this film looks as cheesy as anything I've seen in a long time. I mean, a tank with parachutes, and then their proceeding to do combat with the tank while floating down to the ground? Anyways, the film stars Liam Neeson alongside some, younger, more fresh talents. The film hits theaters June 11th, take a look at the trailer:

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