Monday, May 17, 2010

The Summer Lulls

It's kind of funny, when you were a kid, all you could wait for was Summer to where you didn't have to do anything for three whole months. Now, I'm twenty and in college, and I find myself in the Summer months with a hankering to just go back to class.

A few weeks of nothing never hurt anybody, but it does frustrate me, and makes me think I'll go crazy to imagine two and a half more months of this, so that is why I'm trying to keep really busy with the blog and film projects, cause I'm applying for some Summer jobs, but at the moment no one has taken a bite, so I'll just continue applying and trying to keep myself busy with other stuff. With all that said, I've got some big things on the horizon in terms of both film projects and special Summer series' on the blog.

The blog will feature some great special events all Summer long, and one of 'em is a new form of review being introduced to the blog and the other two are special events that will only be here on the Review. First, I plan on kickstarting a new kind of review on the blog this Summer, called "From Book to Screen" where I read the book and then watch the movie, comparing and contrasting the two and ultimately deciding which I feel is better. Then, I'm embarking upon a hefty mission to sift through the hundred or so years of film history and come up with a definitive list of what I think to be the best decade in film history. Will it be the much loved '70s, or something more nostalgic like the '40s? So stay tuned for all of that. But what about my film projects you say?

Well, I'm currently writing a new feature length screenplay that I'm actually excited about, it's almost an autobiography of my teenage years and my obsession with making home movies, just on a bigger scale, and that's all I'll say on that front. Finally, this next film project I'm working on kind of ties into the blog as well.

Just the other day I posted an article called "Personal Satisfaction" talking about how I wanted to start going back and remembering why I wanted to be in film in the first place, and this new project is my attempts to do just that. It will be a six-part web series about alien abduction, told in a way that you aren't accustomed to seeing such stories done. I will keep constant updates on the production of it throughout, and then I will premiere each new episode here on the Review first and foremost, so it will be the only place on the internet that you can see this ambitious series of mine. Currently I'm scripting, and I have hopes to have the first episode online by the first of July, so keep the look-out for that.

So there you have it, even though I'm in the Summer Lulls, there are still some exciting things to look forward to (save for Christopher Nolan's Inception).

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