Friday, June 25, 2010

Peter Jackson, Returning to Middle Earth?

Double post day, I don't care, cause this just warrants a post in-and-of itself. Director Peter Jackson, who helmed the momentous Lord of the Rings trilogy is officially in final negotiations to direct J.R.R. Tolkien's prequel, The Hobbit. Now, if you remember, just little over a month ago, director Guillermo Del Toro had dropped out of the project citing that it was just taking too much time to get it to the big screen and he had to move on to other projects, after that happened the internet was abuzz as to who would take Del Toro's place. While Jackson was lobbied about by many a fanboy, it didn't seem as if he would take up the reins until just today with the word from MGM and New Line that they're working with Jackson to realign his other projects so that he can not just produce and co-write The Hobbit, as he had been doing with Del Toro, but also fill in as director, as well.

To be honest, this was a long time coming. After the epic legal battles that ensued for years upon years over this property and who was the rightful owner of the Middle Earth franchise, it was long believed that Jackson had moved on and was just sticking with the franchise as a producer only, but I guess he just realized he couldn't escape The Hobbit when it seems fate has drawn him back to Middle Earth and the one ring to rule them all. Personally, while Del Toro was a good choice, Jackson is obviously the guy everyone wanted in the first place, and he'll probably deliver a better film that is more in keeping with the style and tone of the trilogy. So as a whole, I hope that the negotiations come full circle, cause this is a fanboy's dream come true.

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