Monday, June 7, 2010

Series Review: FlashForward

One of the shinning pinnacles of this past year in television was ABC's FlashForward. While the show has met its untimely demise due to a lot of behind the scenes politics after just one season, the show was always a consistently entertaining action/thriller with plenty of mystery. It always felt as if it was going somewhere and not just stalling so the writers could come up with some sort of junk to fill in the gaps of the storyline, and if I have any complaint is that it was canceled too late and they didn't get to do a proper send off so the final episode is a cliffhanger, like a season finale, but is in fact the series finale.

The show's premise is easy enough to understand, the whole world blacked out for 2 minutes and 47 seconds on October 2nd, 2009. They all saw a two minute glimpse of themselves six months in the future in April of 2010. The show gets extremely intriguing when some characters didn't even see their futures and learn that they will die in between now-and-then. But really, the whole show all boils down to the concepts of fate and predetermination. Can you change your future? Will the universe course correct even if you can escape your fate? As the show tries to answer these questions at times, it isn't always subtle, as a matter of fact, the whole show is very much a soap opera in terms of the character dilemmas and drama involved, but soaps keep you coming back for more, and no film or televisions show is without these soap elements of character struggles and romances. I mean, why else would we tune in week after week if it weren't for these soap elements?

The show primarily follows a group of FBI agents and their families, as the FBI in Los Angeles spearheads the investigation behind the blackout. Mystery hides around every corner, as the FBI soon discover video footage of a man awake during the blackout. As it is, the ultimate cause of the blackout was scientific, a scientific experiment of sorts that was sort of modeled after the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, but even still, there are bad guy motives behind it all; rogues willing to kill for science. Seriously, every episode was intense, full of action and suspense. It was so riveting for this very reason. But the main reason I enjoyed this show so much was that they answered your questions in a satisfying fashion. It was handled timely, answers slowly filtered throughout the season, but by the end of the series you had the full picture, so for that this show gets full props for me. Not to mention, the show was just flat-out entertaining.

I give FlashForward an A+!

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