Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Green Lantern!

The first photo of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern has hit on the front cover of Entertainment Weekly. Green Lantern is WB's first attempt to really bring any of DC Comics' big heroes, aside from Batman or Superman, to the big screen, so that is exciting in and of itself, but I also grew up a huge Green Lantern fan, so I am pumped for this movie regardless. While I still am withholding final judgment on the suit till I see it in action, it looks right, and I cannot say I'm not intrigued by their method of creating alien cloth by having Reynolds wear a green screen motion capture suit. Quite unique. Not to mention, finally seeing Reynolds in the get up, he's growing on me, and from the first few shots I've seen of this movie, he seems to be taking this one a touch more seriously, so maybe this will be a worthy adaptation after all.

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