Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie Marketing at its Finest

I don't really have any plans to see Despicable Me, which topped the box office with $60 million opening weekend to surprise from many analysts. Personally, I do not find this result startling. This movie about a super villain becoming a father to three girls looked like your typical animated money grabbing story, but where it really got you was the marketing. As I said, I don't care about the movie, but I've greatly enjoyed the marketing and those little Minions. Ever since the first time I saw a trailer with the two little Minions, I was laughing and enjoying myself. The movie has been sold almost solely off of these little characters, very reminiscent to the Aliens from Toy Story. Point is, the marketing gave this movie its opening weekend because of those hilarious Minions, which if it was a story just about them, I might actually shell out my money for this one. Regardless, I feel as if I've already seen a movie and fallen in love with these Minions and the only way I've gotten to know them is through the movie's marketing. Those guys need to get some big bonuses.

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