Monday, August 16, 2010

Civil War Disappointment

It's always tough whenever comic books try these big story arcs that span their entire pantheon of heroes to try and boost sales, and Marvel's "Civil War" was one of those events a few years back. I've never been a big fan of the superhero crossover anyways, I just like the heroes to be in their own books and not to mingle, which is a reason as to why I've never cared that much for stuff like "The Avengers" or the "Justice League". While I knew the outcome of "Civil War," I had not read it till recently, and upon finally reading it, my opinions on crossovers haven't changed, but I also thought that the ending to "Civil War" was horrendous.

I like superheroes with anonymous identities, having to protect their real identity from the wandering public eye, and I like superheroes who aren't afraid to break the law in order to do what is ultimately right. The way "Civil War" ended, with all superheroes pledging allegiance and becoming government soldiers, in essence, just really irked me. I was even more irked by Spider-man revealing his secret identity, though I knew that would happen going into it, but seeing it played out it just was stupid, ridiculous, and went against everything that Spider-man's character has ever stood for. Personally, I just wish comics would go back to the Silver Age simplicity of these things, emotional story arcs about the characters, not crazy sci-fi crap that makes no sense, not trying to make political statements like "Civil War," but just good ol' fashioned the hero's girl is kidnapped by the maniacal villain and the hero has to save the day.

Where are the story arcs like the Death of Gwen Stacy? Stories that didn't rely on completely ludicrous science fiction or fantasy and actually got to the emotional cores of the characters. Now, there are many in fandom that would love to see a "Civil War" movie, but I am firmly opposed after reading it, and it's made my trepidation for The Avengers even greater. Maybe time will change all these sentiments, but I'm not sure.

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