Monday, September 27, 2010

Making it in the Film Industry

(This is purely a rant.)

I was recently told I was a bit too optimistic to be hoping for a future in the film industry. Why is it that everyone who has ever had any dealings in the entertainment business go on to tell you how awful it is and how all anyone will ever do is screw you over? I've heard this story time, and time again. Yes, I understand that only a small percentage of wanna-be-directors actually succeed in the ultimate dream of directing features that actually make money, but I have to hold on to that notion that I might just be one of those few, cause if I don't, who else will?

I don't think I'm naive about the entertainment business, but as a person I like to believe in people. Sure, there are a lot of so-called "sharks" out there, but for every "shark" there has to be an opposing force, a "good person". I believe that there are "good people" out there in the movie business, and while there are so many horror stories about people who were doublecrossed and treated wrong, there are nearly just as many stories of people that were actually treated right (by common ethical standards).

It's not always easy to be optimistic. I mean, there are days where I think I'll never make it, and people constantly reminding me that this is such a hard field to break into doesn't help that self esteem. I understand, so no need to constantly try and deplete my ray of optimism as if I've never heard these horror stories before. Movies are what I love, and I've always felt that I was meant to entertain and tell stories in some way, and movies are how I wish to do just that. I know deep down, that if I actually just try and continue to chip away at it, I will make it doing what I love to do, but being constanly reminded how difficult it is to make it just knocks me back down a few pegs.

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