Sunday, November 7, 2010

Movie Review: "Due Date"

In Due Date, Robert Downey, Jr., and Zach Galifianakis play the typical odd couple in this vulgarized take on the road trip movie. Galifianakis' character accidentally lands Downey onto the no-fly list, and Downey's wife is going to have a C-section in five days, so the two must travel cross country together to get Downey home for his baby's birth. Fairly standard scenario, Downey is the straight man, and Galifianakis is the guy who no matter what he does, his crazy antics will always wreak havoc upon Downey in one way or another, and these gags just feel tried and done before. For example, Downey has an African American friend in Jamie Foxx, and of course they play the usual gag where Downey walks into the delivery room and sees an African American baby on the table to only find out that he went to the wrong room, and this sort of sums up how the whole movie is. It is a movie that seems more interested in these kind of one note gags than any hint of a real story with emotional heft. While a few of the gags are funny, most of them, like the above mentioned gag, are been there, laughed at that before. While these gags can still make you laugh, how many times can we laugh at the same thing, and when it's surrounded by a standard, cliche story that is light on any real consequence or conflict, you wind up with Due Date.

I give Due Date an F!

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