Friday, March 25, 2011

"Smallvile" Top 10 - Number 9

Another Friday, time to continue my countdown of my 10 favorite Smallville episodes of all-time with my number 9:


"Insurgence" from Season 2

"Insurgence" is one of the many great Smallville episodes comparing the Luthor family dynamic to that of the Kents, but rather than the focus being on Lex and Clark, it is Clark's Mom and Lex's Dad who are the ones in danger.

In the episode, Lex hires a team of men to bug his father's office, after losing a big business deal to Lionel and learning that the reason he lost it is cause Lionel had him bugged, so Lex decides to give Lionel a taste of his own medicine. Meanwhile, this is when Lionel is blind and Martha is working as Lionel's assistant, much to Jonathan's dislike, and she is called into work on the day of their Anniversary. John Schneider has some really good scenes in this episode, acting out his hatred against the Luthors through his and Martha's arguments which causes the two to separate that morning on bad terms, and no matter what Clark tries, he can't fix it.

Of course, things all spiral out of control when the thugs go rogue with their ulterior motive of lifting valuables from Lionel's safe in Luthorcorp Tower, and Lionel and Martha wind up being their hostages. The police try to diffuse the situation from the streets, while Clark tries to find a way that he can sneak into the building to save his mom, and Jonathan starts suspecting that Lex may have been behind this whole situation due to the sordid relationship between him and his father.

There are many episodes dealing with similar subject matter in the Smallville canon, but few of the episodes have the thrills that this episode has, in particular the heart stopping finale where Clark jumps from the roof of the Daily Planet, crashing onto the upper floors of Luthorcorp Tower. Scenes like this are dynamic at showing the future Man of Steel, pushing his powers to limits that he has yet to push himself to; Clark had no clue he could make it, but he took a leap of faith to save his mother.

Plus, I'm a sucker for a good John Schneider episode, and this one is it, with us seeing a bitter John Schneider, followed by a remorseful John Schneider, then ending on the good ol' boy that we all love when Martha and Clark finally walk out of Luthorcorp Tower. As always, the dynamic between the Luthors and the Kents results in the Kents hugging at the end of the episode and the Luthors walking off in opposite directions. It is the subtlety in these moments that really illustrate as to why Clark becomes Superman and why Lex Luthor becomes the villain.


Tune back in next Friday for number 8 of My 10 Favorite Episodes of Smallville of All-Time!

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