Friday, April 29, 2011

"Smallvile" Top 10 - Number 4

I am beyond stoked, not only is my birthday less than two weeks away, but so is the Series Finale of Smallville. While I will be sad when it is all said and done, let's be honest, for the Smallville faithful, this two hour Finale will be what all of us have been waiting for since 2001! With that said, it is another Friday, another week closer to the Finale, and time to reveal my 4th Favorite Episode of Smallville of All-Time!


"Rosetta" from Season 2

"Rosetta" is infamously known as the Christopher Reeve episode, the episode being the first, and most memorable of Reeve's two appearances as Dr. Virgil Swann. In the episode, the key to the spaceship has been calling to Clark, causing his powers to get out of his control, burning a Kryptonian symbol into the Kent barn. When the picture of the symbol is seen by Dr. Swann, he sends a message to Clark, addressed for Kal-El, wishing to meet with him.

What makes "Rosetta" such a rich experience, is that this episode is Smallville's own version of Clark discovering the truth about his home planet of Krypton (about its destruction and his being its last son) and the truth about his heritage, where at the end of the episode Clark and Jonathan finally insert the key into the spaceship and misinterperet a message from Jor-El, thinking he sent Clark to Earth to be a conqueror.

There is so much at play in "Rosetta," with the story of Clark's search for his own identity and his sense of loneliness, mirroring the ordinary teenage attitudes that many teenagers go through when they're fifteen. Let's be honest, fifteen is just a bad age, when most kids don't know who or what they wanna be when they get older, and many of the kids feel misunderstood, much like Clark in this episode. Of course, aside from all of that, it's always fun as a fan to see Tom Welling interact with Christopher Reeve, giving a sense of passing on the torch between two Supermen, just adding to the awesomeness that makes this one of my favorite Smallville episodes of All-Time!


Tune in next week for Number 3!

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